Video Games Token – VGTN

VGC is transitioning from VGC Cryptonight based coin to VGTN (Video Games Token). The new VGTN will be based on Ethereum ERC 20 standard and will support deployment of Smart Contracts and dApps. In fact, Ethereum along with other cryptocurrencies can be traded through online exchanges.  Today, powerful online trading robots are available that can automatically trade cryptocurrency with a variety of brokers.  BitQT is one such trading robot. However, before going for this platform, it is advisable to check its authenticity. On you will find the result of a test conducted on BitQT as well as the reviews of the users who have already benefited from this algorithm. The VGTN ERC 20 token address is 0xb52fc0f17df38ad76f290467aab57cabaeeada14. You can find it Here -> VGTN Token on Etherscan. Total VGTN Supply will be 150 Million. Swap from VGC to VGTN will be 1 VGC = 1 VGTN token. Additional 50 Million VGTN will be used to fund further VGTN integration development.

VGTN SWAP Instructions

Click to download SWAP Instructions

Swap Process

The swap process is defined in the link above. We are repeating the process here, but the attached swap white paper above describes the process in more detail with pictures.

1. Join our Telegram channel.

2. Join our twitter channel.

3. Download our new VGC GUI Wallet for Windows from the URL below.

4. Send us screen capture of your wallet balance. The balance is in the top right corner of the wallet screen below.

5. Transfer all the VGC to our VGC Swap Address below and keep track of all the transaction id’s. VEonycSdiAETTNAkhRdU5XCroHa5tBB1PXZNBycLMgHMJfc5ReukVcQFRMjsQWfRJdGbH836HUFvNhD1kN42hJjVAVbUbnBX7g

6. If you lost some coins to exchanges, you can send us the list of in and out transactions of the wallet. You can talk to VGC admin on our telegram or send email to provide evidence that you had the coins and lost it to any exchange. You don’t need to send back the VGC that are lost to exchanges. VGC dev team will have full authority to accept or reject any swap requests if they believe that you are not the owner of the VGC. Once you sync your wallet, click the transactions link on the left. You will see the list of all your in and out transactions.

7. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information

Your telegram id

Your Twitter Handle

VGC Balance or Transaction List

Your Ethereum Address where you want to get VGTN coins. Not only VGTN coins, but also XRP coins. The XRP ledger, which facilitates international currency exchange and remittances, uses one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency called XRP. Check out the official site for more info about this trusted coin. (Make sure you have the password to access your Ethereum account. Once we send tokens there, there is no way for us to get them back)

Token Distribution

If you want you can automatically buy VGTN using the VGTN Token (VGTNTokenSale) Smart contact address below.


If you send any ether to this address, you will get VGTN token automatically.

Contract was started on 20-Jan-2020


1 – 8 weeks from the date above you’ll get 1 ETH = 5000 VGTN

8 – 16 weeks from the date above you’ll get 1 ETH = 1000 VGTN

Detailed instructions to buy VGTN using Ether are provided in the attached Token Swap White Paper

Click to download SWAP Instructions

Our Main Road Map

VideoGamesCoin team is working on transition from VGC to VGTN. Road map will be defined as we transition to new and robust Ethereum framework. Main steps are listed below

January 2020Development of VGTN NetworkCompleted
February 2020Locked Down VGC NetworkCompleted
Feb 2020 – Dec 2020Swap From VGC to VGTNOn Going for few months-In Progress
Feb 2020 – Dec 2020VGTN Token Sale Smart ContractCompleted
March 2020 – June 2020Development of First Smart Contract Based GameIn Design Phase

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