Video Games Token - VGTN

VGC is transitioning from VGC Cryptonight based coin to VGTN (Video Games Token). The new VGTN will be based on Ethereum ERC 20 standard and will support deployment of Smart Contracts and dApps. The VGTN ERC 20 token address is Video Games Token - VGTN. Total VGTN Supply will be 150 Million. Swap from VGC to VGTN will be 1 VGC = 1 VGTN token. Additional 50 Million VGTN will be used to fund further VGTN integration development.

Announcement - SWAP

  • 1. VGC to VGTN swap will run for next few months
  • 2. Please join our new Telegram channel for swap process.
  • 3. Swap is not LIVE yet. Once the swap is live, the VGC mining reward will be set to 0. THE VGC Cryptonite nodes will only be used for wallet validation. Once we get proof of VGC coins from you, we will send VGTN to your Ethereum Address. Process will be posted on our Twitter and Telegram
  • Announcement - Token Sale

  • 1. If you want to buy VGTN directly. You can use our VGTNTokenSale Contract to get VGTN.
  • 2. You can send any Ether to Token Sale Address 0x440e98EaEfA46345d1739FbA13d47d9b70035A85
  • You will automatically get VGTN tokens as per conversion below on the Ether address from where you'll send Ether.
  • For Next 1 - 8 weeks 1 ETH = 5000 VGTN
  • For Next 8 - 16 weeks 1 ETH = 1000 VGTN
  • Join Us Video Games Token VGTN - White Paper - Coming Soon

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    Our Main Road Map

    VideoGamesCoin team is working on transition from VGC to VGTN. Road map will be defined as we transition to new and robust Ethereum framework.

    • January 2020 - April 2020
      VGC to VGTN Transition and Token Sale

      (In Progress)